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The Simple Habit That Can Help You Fight Depression

When someone has clinical depression, it’s important they see a doctor or a mental-health professional who can evaluate them properly and provide effective options for treatment. But there’s also something known in the psychology world as subthreshold depression—a condition in

I Used Birth Control to Stop My Period—and It Was the Best Thing I Ever Did for My Mental Health

I got my period around 13 or 14, and at first, it didn’t affect my mood much. I started having more depression symptoms in high school. My parents figured it was probably just puberty, but I saw a nurse practitioner

Using These 2 Words a Lot Could Signal Depression or Anxiety

Sometimes, depression can be obvious—say, if a person regularly complains about feeling sad, hopeless, or unmotivated. But other signs of emotional distress can be more subtle. Now, a new study suggests a connection between negative emotions and two little words

Exactly What This Riverdale Star Eats in a Day on a 1,700-Calorie Vegan Diet 

Madelaine Petsch has never strayed from her vegan lifestyle. “I’ve been plant-based my whole life,” the Riverdale actress, 23, tells PEOPLE. “Being vegan keeps my body fueled and running smoothly.” In addition to her animal-free diet, Petsch also swears by

Why Drew Barrymore Felt a ‘Responsibility’ to Lose 20 Lbs. for Santa Clarita Diet

This article originally appeared on To tackle the unusual role of a flesh-eating zombie on Santa Clarita Diet, Drew Barrymore decided she needed to look the part, and dropped 20 lbs. to mirror the body of a woman on

Chelsea Handler Says She’s Considering a Breast Reduction. Here’s Why She’s Not Alone

On a recent vacation with her family, comedy queen and body-positive icon Chelsea Handler posted on social media about a struggle many women can relate to: “I just want everyone to know, that this is my situation when I try

Selena Gomez Looks Happy and Healthy in Bikini Post-Surgery

Selena Gomez is having some fun in the sun! Gomez, 25, was spotted looking happy and healthy on a yacht while soaking up the sun with some friends in Sydney Harbor, almost two weeks after it was revealed that she

Frankie Muniz Opens Up About Mini-Strokes and Memory Loss: ‘I Don’t See It as a Negative’

Frankie Muniz got his first concussion at age 7 while playing goalie in a soccer game. The next one came when he tripped and fell on his head during basketball. Two more occurred during pee-wee football around 7th grade, and

You’ve Probably Never Heard of Lucy Hale’s Favorite Workout Class—But You’re Going to Want to Try it

Any woman with a busy lifestyle knows how hard it can be to set aside time for herself—but also how important it is to do so. Take Lucy Hale, who stars in the new CW show Life Sentence and upcoming movies The

Gal Gadot Just Became Reebok’s Newest Global Ambassador—and We Are Here For It

We’re not sure if we are more enamored with Gal Gadot (did you know she was a member of the Israeli army?) or her version of the bad-guy-fighting Women Woman—or both. But we do know that we love everything about


The 4 Week Diet