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Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About His Mother’s Suicide Attempt When He Was Just 15-Years-Old

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is spreading an important message about mental health and suicide — a topic that hits close to home. The 45-year-old actor shared a photo from the set of his HBO show Ballers on Thursday morning, in which he’s

How to Keep Seasonal Affective Disorder From Harming Your Relationship

In the depths of winter, with daylight slipping away before evening and temperatures barely hitting the freezing mark, many couples face a different kind of seasonal change: seasonal affective disorder. The psychological condition known as SAD is characterized as a major depression that arrives in the fall or

Can a ‘Depression Nap’ Actually Improve Your Mood?

Maybe you’ve taken one and didn’t know there was a name for it. Or you rely on yours and can’t go a day without it. Either way, the depression nap, a relatively new meme-worthy trend all over social media, has made it to

This Viral Twitter Thread That Explains Why Mental Illness Makes You Tired Is So Relatable

There’s regular tired, when you had a rough day or a bout of insomnia. And then there’s the kind of tired brought on by many types of mental illness—which can leave a person tossing and turning night after night and

Did the Drugs in Chris Cornell’s System Lead to His Suicide? Here’s What an Expert Thinks

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell had several prescription medications in his system at the time of his death, according to People and a toxicology report obtained by TMZ. The singer hung himself in his hotel room in Detroit on May 18,

Chris Cornell’s Family Thinks Ativan May Have Played Role in Suicide. How Safe Is the Drug?

After Chris Cornell’s death on Wednesday night was ruled a suicide by hanging, the musician’s lawyer and family are suggesting that an anti-anxiety medication he was taking may have influenced his final moments. “Without the results of toxicology tests, we

15 Myths and Facts About Suicide and Depression

Myth Teenage suicides make headlines, but the elderly are more likely to take their own life than any other age group, says Dr. Valenstein. At particularly high risk are white men over the age of 85, who have

7 New Year’s Resolutions That Put Your Mental Health First

Thanks to technology that keeps us plugged into work around the clock, political discord, and concerns about money, Americans are as stressed as ever. You don’t want those pressures to snowball. Everyone needs a release valve. “If you

Women Are Less Happy Than Men–Until They Hit This Decade

Every year, British researchers release data from the Health Survey for England, an ongoing study designed to monitor trends in the country’s health. The 2016 findings, released this week, included data about obesity (rates have remained similar since 2010), blood

5 Years After the Suicide of Kate Middleton’s Nurse, Her Family Shares Their Grief

This article originally appeared on Five years after the suicide of royal nurse Jacintha Saldanha cast a dark shadow over Kate Middleton’s pregnancy with Prince George, her family continues to struggle with their grief. Working as a night nurse at London’s


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